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Dump This! Now proudly serving Toronto and surrounding areas with multiple trucks to provide you with our professional service.

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Dump This! Now proudly serving Toronto and the surrounding areas, with multiple trucks and various bins sizes to suit your needs. We at Dump This employ reliable and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to providing you with prompt and efficient service. Looking forward to assisting you with your next project!

Service areas

  • Greater Toronto Area
  • Vaughan
  • Thornhill
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Richmond Hill

Please request pricing for service out of our delivery area


Our bin rental includes a 7 day rental period, $25.00 per day there after. All waste is to be house hold or construction waste. No dirt , concrete, asphalt or brick. Bin must be left on a hard level flat surface. Driver to use their own discretion.

$130 for the delivery, pick up and 7 day rental

5 Yard bin

$110.00 per ton

10 Yard bin

$110.00 per ton

15 Yard bin

$110.00 per ton

20 Yard bin

$110.00 per ton

1 Ton Minimum

5 Yard bin for clean fIll

$300.00 Flat Rate





Must not be mixed together at all and no other type of mixed waste

*5 yard bin for clean fill (asphalt, dirt, brick and concrete) must not be mixed together at all and no other type of mixed waste $300.00 flat rate.


Rentals are for seven days. A charge of $25.00 for each additional day will be added to your bill. We ask that all clients contact our office to arrange for removal. The bin will not be picked up automatically.

The bins cannot be filled past the top rim. We need to be able to tarp the bin for safe transport to the transfer station.

Delivery turn-around time varies from possible same day delivery to within 24 hours of request. It is best plan your disposal bin needs a few days in advance so we can best meet your needs.

Unfortunately we are not able to give a specific time. Traffic, weather conditions and bin availability all influence delivery time. Deliveries are generally made between 7:00am and 5:00pm. You can request a call from the driver when they are on their way.

We suggest that you buy an inexpensive tarp from either Canadian Tire or Home Depot to cover the bin.

Our drivers place wood boards under the rails of the bin to protect the driveway from scratches. However, we do not guarantee that this will protect your driveway from sinking due to the weight of the bin once it has been filled. If you are concerned with sinking, we suggest you have sheets of plywood available on the day of the delivery for the driver to put the bin on. This will help displace the weight of the bin.

Refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers due to the refrigerants, such as Freon, are not acceptable. Also, items such as tires, batteries, chemicals, propane cylinders, along with any other form of hazardous waste cannot be placed in disposal bins. *Note: it is illegal to place any form of hazardous waste in a disposal bin. It could result in large fines from the ministry.

You can, however we will need a cash deposit when the bin is dropped off. Once the bin is picked up and dumped, we will reconcile and determine the total bill. If the total cost of the bin use and disposal fees are less than the deposit, a refund will be issued within 7-14 days of the pickup.

You may require a permit. Please inquire from your local municipality.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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